Security Cards And Swipe Card Readers

Get effective access control with low-cost swipe card readers

Swipe card readers offer a low-cost, flexible, easily maintained means of controlling entry to and exit from premises. They can be fitted to many different internal and external doors and to other entry points, such as gates and barriers. As each card is individual, you can restrict access to, for example, computer server rooms, and can automatically record who went where and when.

How do swipe card readers work?

The occupants of a building carry a small swipe card that incorporates a magnetic stripe storing individual identification and access policy data. Unlike proximity reader systems the card is read by physical contact with a reading head on a dedicated reader located outside a door, turnstile or other entry barrier. The user swipes the card in the reader and may then be asked to key in a PIN number as further validation.

There can be hundreds of cards on one system and individual users can be easily added into the system. Lost or broken cards and cards of people who have left the organisation can be just as effortlessly deleted.

External card readers can be housed in a weatherproof, vandal-resistant casing, making them long-lasting and resilient.

Integrate your swipe card readers into a complete entry system

Our experienced, award-winning team of security engineers can integrate your swipe card readers with a range of other door entry technologies including:


We can even integrate your swipe card readers with a new or existing SmartHome system.

Get the right solution from access control experts

Chris Lewis Fire & Security has a long history of providing high-quality access control solutions, from design and commissioning to installation and maintenance. We'll carry out a full free survey of your premises and, because we're vendor-neutral, we'll ensure you have exactly the right products to protect your house, staff and premises from intruders.

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