Digital CCTV v. Analogue CCTV

What is the difference between digital CCTV and analogue CCTV?

The difference between digital CCTV and analogue CCTV is all around the encoding of the signal. Here are the major differences:

Digital CCTV Analogue CCTV
Store as many recordings, from as many cameras as you want. You're only limited by the size of the data storage on your computer or server. You need to change the tape every day, and have the space to store the videos.
Image quality is superior and doesn't degrade over multiple copies or time, and it's cheap to copy data to CDs to pass information around. When you copy or record over tapes the picture quality degrades, so you'll need to replace them.
Digital CCTV recorders, or DCRs  record up to 100 images per second, and can record simultaneously from each camera Analogue systems and VCR record from each camera in turn.
It's easy to sort through recorded data, and you can even connect to the digital CCTV system over the internet to check on recordings or look through the archive. You will need to manually search through recordings to find the incident you want.

CCTV cameraSo is digital CCTV best for me?

For the security industry this is the debate of the decade. Whilst analogue CCTV products, which are highly developed and work very well in most applications currently dominate the industry, there are a number of leading companies successfully bringing true digital and IP-based CCTV solutions to the market. At Chris Lewis Fire & Security, we see the advantage of both types of technology and recognise that hybrid systems will, in some cases, be the choice of end users and installers.

All Chris Lewis Fire & Security engineers are experienced in installing digital, IP-based CCTV and analogue CCTV systems, and can advise you on the best technology for your whole security and fire systems. Call us now to talk about finding the right CCTV system for you.

Upgrading to a digital CCTV system

If you currently have a VCR and analogue CCTV system installed and would like to upgrade to a digital CCTV system or IP-based technology, you can find out more by contacting us.

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