Heat Detectors

Protect your home and business with top quality heat detectors

In areas, such as kitchens, where a degree of smoke and steam are normal and safe, a heat detector the perfect device for protecting you from unsafe rises in temperature. Like smoke detectors, they can give you valuable time to escape.

How do heat detectors work?

Heat detectors respond to changes in ambient temperature, rather than smoke. They can be triggered by two different events: if the ambient temperature rises above a predetermined threshold  or if there is an unusual "rate of rise" (typically when the temperature rise exceeds 6.7° to 8.3°C per minute).


Integrate your fire and security systems

Chris Lewis Fire & Security engineers will assess your situation and recommend the right combination of heat detectors and smoke detectors for your needs. We can integrate heat detectors with your sprinkler system, access control equipment, or CCTV surveillance or even help you to create truly intelligent building control.

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